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Why place your marketing dollars with us? We offer:

  • Competitive low cost pricing
  • Real-time leads delivered 24/7
  • Every lead is teleVERIFIED
  • 10+ year track record of success
  • Top replacement policy in the US
  • Carrier Exclusivity

Consumers initiate the lead by visiting one of our180+ web sites and generating an auto insurance quote request, (see auto lead samples).

Once a quote request has been generated, our databases verify, filter, teleVERIFY, and deliver the lead based on your preferences and area codes. This insures the auto insurance leads you receive are to your needs and company standards.

Let our rep’s help you succeed.
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Consumers are looking for coverage

Talking with a potential client when they are shopping to purchase auto insurance is the BEST time to close a sale! With, you’ll be helping that consumer make the right choice.

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You get to the consumer quickly

Our auto insurance leads are delivered in real-time 24/7 to ensure the highest quality consumer generated auto leads in the industry! With these qualified auto insurance leads you’ll be able to take your business to a new level!

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We have one of the largest Search Engine based consumer networks on the Internet

It is true that you have options when choosing a marketing partner. However when you choose as your P&C lead provider you get much more for you get much more for every dollar spent. With 180+ web sites that hold top search engine rankings supplying you with a constant flow of auto leads, we can help your business grow!

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