Why Vintage Auto Insurance Leads?

Consumers looked for a quote
Leads delivered to you today!
New clients at a low costs per!
IDEAL for training new agent's!
Turn your call center to a profit center!

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Consumers initiate the lead
What's more, with Vintage Insurance Leads from AutoInsurance-Leads.com, you'll find new clients that have both had an interest in insurance coverage, AND filled out a request for help!

Consumers that may have been turned off by the initial rush of agents, but are still
in need. (see auto lead samples).

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Take your cost per customer down
After over 10 year's in the Internet Insurance lead business, we have auto insurance quote request records that cover every state, and virtually every type of coverage request.

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ROI on demand
Vintage Insurance Leads = ROI on Demand! Get more leads for your marketing dollars with AutoInsurance-leads.com vintage insurance lead programs. With costs as low as $1.00 per record, your marketing dollar stretch's farther.

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